Get Started/ FAQ's

Here are the steps to book your Part of Your World Princess Parties Character:


1. Choose your favorite Princess by clicking "Characters".


We also have characters based out of our Syracuse Branch. It may be closer to you, and save you monery on mileage charges. 


We always have more characters in the works. If you do not see your desired princess, let us know. We may be able to accommodate your request.

Characters for adults can be found on our sister site:

2. Pick your party package by clicking on "Price List".

This will show you all of the time frames available to you. We offer 30-120 minute party packages and add ons to make your event perfect.


3. Choose your Activity (60+ minute packages only).

-There are 20 activities for boys and girls.

4. Set up a date by calling us at 801-996-8337.

-Booking your party early will guarantee we are available on your special day. We recommend 4-6 weeks in advance.

-Last-minute party? Give us a call, we will do our best to accomidate your request. 

5. Make a deposit.

-A 50% deposit of the total will be required to hold your date. This is Non-Refundable but will save your date and help our princess prepare the activities. -We will send you an invoice with the total due for the deposit. The remainder is due on the day of the party.-We accept Paypal, Cash, and all Major Credit Cards.

6. Prepare for the big day!

-We have a great selection of beautiful Handmade invitations. We can have them in as little as a few days. You can see samples here.

-1-2 days before the party, we will call to confirm the appearance.

-We are always available if you have any questions. Call or email us anytime if you have concerns.

7. The big day!


-On the day of the party, have space available for the princess to sit where the children can gather around and have plenty of room to move. The floor is perfect as our Princesses like to be on the same level as the children.-If you have signed up for a craft, please make a table available for the children to sit or stand around to make their craft. Your princess may also need room to maneuver with a large skirt!Oh hey, did we mention it is going to be AWESOME?? Check out our reviews to see what other clients think!



Don't want to read through these? Just give us a call! 801-996-8337


-What if there are boys at the party?

Don't worry! Our princesses are boy experts! Most of the parties we attend have a few boys and they love the princesses!  Many of our activiteis have choices for boys or we can plan an alternative. We also offer male characters such as Superheroes, a Pirate and Princes that can accompany your princess.


-What if I have more than 8 kids attend the party?

For party packages an hour or more, 8 kids are included. We do have options for parties without activities where you can have unlimited children. Other options are adding more time or an additional character. We will only charge you for the activity if kids actually participate. Our most expensive activity is only $4 for additional kids.


-Is it okay for parents to stay?

Of course! It seems that some parties have more Queens and Kings than Princesses! Just make sure the princess has a quiet place for the kids to hear the story. We love having parents interact during the story as well!

An adult must remain in the room with your character at alll times. 


-Can the children dress up?

We encourage dressing up. If you don't have a princess dress... don't worry! We sell a selection of dresses that are perfect for parties or you can just use what you have. We will make each guest feel like royalty no matter what they wear.


-How long are the appearances?

Our appearances can be just about any length. For parties, they start at 30 minutes, or we can stay for several hours. Give us a call, and we can find an option that is best for your needs.


-When should I have the princess arrive?

The beginning of the party is the best time. Have her arrive 15-30 minutes after the party begins so latecomers can enjoy the entire apearance.


-What if I want 2 characters from different stories?

We mix characters all the time! Want Spider Hero for the boys and Snow Queen for the girls- no problem! All of our actors and actresses have amazing rapport.


-What age is best for Princess appearances?

Age doesn't really matter, jut how interested she is in the character. Depending on the child 3-8 is ideal. If you have a princess-obsessed 2 year old, let us know and we can work out a package to fit her age. If you have older children who are lucky enough to still believe in magic, we have party choices for tweens and teens as well.


-Do your princesses do appearances for adult parties?

Anniversary parties, weddings, and other events with a lot of children can really benefit from a princess appearance. We can just pose for pictures or entertain the kids while the adults enjoy the party. We also offer activities such as balloon twisting and face painting that everybody will enjoy.

Visit our sister-site for Singing Telegrams for adults and kids:


-What days are princesses available?

Most of our characters are available for parties 7 days a week. Saturdays fill up quickly, so keep that in mind when planning your event. Some characters do not work on Sundays. 


-Do you do charity work?

Absolutely! Please understand that we are asked to do many charity events each month, and we have to pick and choose. We give great discounts for charity events. We also have our own Charity event, Princesses Kick Out Cancer, the Last Friday each September. 


-Should we tip?

You should never feel like you have to tip, but if you thought your performer was amazing, it is a standard practice. Please know that we put tip money toward charitable appearances.


-Are you hiring?

If you are interested in doing character parties, we would love to hear from you. Please know, we are picky about potential employees. We require background checks, real-life experience with children, and acting ability. Email a resume and head-shot to Brittany at


More questions? Just give us a call! 801-996-8337


Part of Your World Princess Parties does not have licensed, copyrighted, or trademarked characters. All of our characters are representations from classic fairy tales, which are in the public domain. We are not affiliated with any company, group, or theme park that may own the rights to similar characters. Any resemblance to any rendition is incidental.


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