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We are always adding new characters! Don't see who you need? Give us a call! 801-996-8337

Princess Characters:

Ballerina Princesses

Ballerina Princesses



Storybook Characters

Fairies & Unicorns

Fairy, Mermaid, and Unicorn Characters



Clowns & Misc.

Clowns and Misc. Characters

Exclusive/ Original

Exclusive/ Original Characters

All original Princesses can be made into fairies or unicorns, or a princess to match the features of your child . 


Holiday Characters

Boy/Girl Pairs

Boy/ Girl Pairs

Same Story

Multiple Characters from Same Story

You do not have to book characters form the same story.

Mix up princess, heroes, and storybook characters for a truly unique party!

*Please note: Your actor/ actress may vary depending on many factors such as location, avaiability, party length, character, and activity. If you have a special request for a partucular actress, let us know at the time of booking. We will try to accomidate all requests, but actors are not guaranteed at any time. 

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