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About Our Characters:


Hello! Welcome to the "About Us" page! You will be meeting our family of characters. I do not mean that in a figurative sense. As the owner, I see each of my actors as a member of my family. You will find very few employers who truly love their employees as I love mine. As I work with my team, I learn about the amazing people that they are, and how much they want to make a difference in this world.  

It is important that my employees are treated well. I think it reflects on how they treat each of our clients. And when you hire us, you become a member of our family too. You will love our great and genuine customer service, and know that we truly care about your children.

All of our employees are background checked and covered under our company insurance, so you can feel secure inviting us into your home.

We know what it is like to want a magical and unforgettable experience for your children, and spend many hours training and perfecting our characters. Our love for children will shine through in every performance. In fact, many of us are parents of young children and understand first-hand the importance of their special days.

You may notice that all of our costumes include accessories and wigs. This makes each princess, prince, or superhero look straight from your childs favorite story book. You will find our quality in both costumes and performance unbeatable.

My name is Brittany. I am the owner and main actress for Part of Your World Princess Parties.

I am a mother of 2 boys. Can you believe it? I have a beautiful collection of Princess dresses, and nobody to appreciate them!

I have a love for princesses and the values that they represent. I always teach a subtle moral at each appearance.

I have always dreamed of being a princess, but I never got a chance before I met my own Prince Charming and started a family. Now I am a mother and my children are my life, but I have always felt as if I missed out on living my dream. I was expressing this thought to my Mom and she said, "Why don't you?" I am good with kids, and I love to share my love of crafts. Plus, I have no little girls of my own, and wouldn't mind a bit of femininity in my life.

So, I started Part of Your World Princess Parties.

I have many years of experience working with children at a local craft store where I taught scrapbooking classes. I also volunteer in my children's classrooms. I am great at managing numerous children at once, and can still make each one of them feel special.

I have done more than 2,500 parties since starting this business in March of 2013. 

I studied acting & directing throughout high school & into college. I have had voice lessons & been in various musicals including Annie, Mamma Mia, 42nd Street, The Sound of Music, & The Pajama Game. I am an Honor Thespian, and have performed both onstage & behind the scenes as a Director and Stage Manager.

Mostly, I really love my job! I am a naturally positive person, and I promise to bring a light into your child's life that will last well beyond the day of the party.


Hello! My name is Laura. I am a wife, mother of four, and a huge princess fan! I have always loved the joy that beloved characters can bring and lessons that can be taught through their stories. When I am not acting as a princess, I spend most of my time homeschooling my children, cheering for my husband and boys at their hockey games, hiking, or curled up reading a good book.

I have been performing in many different arts since I was very young. A few styles I have performed in include dance, gymnastics, choir, and Color Guard. Being a princess with Part of Your World Princess Parties is most definitely a dream job for me! I spent a large portion of my childhood living in southern California and Disneyland was always one of my very favorite places to go! Well, there and the beach, of course!

Being involved with Part of Your World Princess Parties has given me the opportunity to meet so many incredible people and I will be forever grateful for that! I absolutely love the wide eyed curiosity of children and greatly enjoy being able to nurture that part of childhood. Thank you for including me in your lives for that brief moment. I love every minute of my time spent as a princess!


Hello!  My name is Mattie.  I love singing, acting, tap dancing, spending  time with my family, and working for  Part of Your World Princess Parties! 

In high  school I was in the Music Dance Theatre program and did all the plays and musicals.   I am an honor  thespian and really enjoy participating  in anything and all things theatre. 

I was recently married and love it! I attend Utah Valley University and am getting my degree in Nursing (Pediatrics specifically... I just love children!) When I'm not a school I'm either working at the Child Care facility at the University of Utah Hospital in South Jordan, Volunteering at the Riverton Hospital, doing homework, or going to a rehearsal of some sort.  I love keeping myself busy!

Working for  Part of Your World Princess Parties has been an amazing opportunity for me to see the true innocence that children have in a crazy world.  It's a privilege to live my childhood dream of  being a princess to brighten a child's day!  This is such a rewarding  job and I  enjoy every minute of it. 

Hey there, my name is James. I have been entertaining at this job for years, and hope to keep doing it for years to come.
I'll tell you right off the bat, my favorite character is Batman. That was a pun... get it? Right off the BAT? Sorry.
Anyway, this job is so much more than a job to me. It is a chance to make a child's dreams come true. I always do everything in my power to be the best, funniest, version of the character I portray. Whether it is doing a certain voice, walkng a certain way, or knowing every detail about the character- I never drop the act once I start. I can't imagine how dissapointing it would be if Batman suddenly acted like he was just some regular guy!
My dedication to staying in character is rooted from my hobby of cosplaying at local comventions. My other hobbies include working out, being athletic, and reading comics. These hobbies help me with my job a lot because, hey, what kid doesn't want to see Captain America do one-arm push-ups while explaining how the vibranium in his shield works?
I know it sound like everything in my life revolves around this job, but in reality, it is the other way around. Suddenly, all my passions could be put to good use and make the day of children who want to meet their hero. And because of them, I feel like a hero. They see in me the man who fought the joker, or had a lightsaber battle with Luke, or the ol' webhead who crawls on walls. These kids make me a better person. We all grow up wanting to be a superhero. With Part of Your World Princess Parties I get to be that, and more. 


Hi! I'm Natalie and I love kids. They are my whole life. When I am not in school, I spend my day working as a preschool and daycare teacher. I have won awards and scholarships in family and consumer sciences with my experience with kids.  While I am not in these programs at my school, I am often nannying for families in my community.

I love volunteering with the Boys and Girls Club and in special needs facilities such as Jordan Valley school and the Opportunity Foundation of America.

I love how sweet and honest children are. They remind me not to grow up too fast and help me to become the best person I can be. They truly make me happy and any way that I can give back to kids is something that I love. That is why Part of Your World Princess Parties was a perfect fit for me. It combined being with kids and playing dress up, which I've loved since I was a little girl. My favorite part is getting to see a child's face light up when their favorite character walks in. It's indescribable.

Thanks for letting me live me dream to be a princess. 




My name is Jessie and I love bringing a smile to everyone's face when I am a princess! Not only do I have performance experience on a high school and community level, but I was able to dance and sing through much of college. The performing arts are a true passion of mine and I love inspiring those around me to follow their dreams and live with imagination! The outdoors and me are great friends and the more snow the better. I have lived in many different states, but love my experience living in Utah. I love to walk my dog in the canyon and to cross country ski when I have time. Most any activity in the snow is my favorite. When I am not working on making someone's birthday or event the most magical one yet, I am a Pediatric Nurse at Primary Children's Hospital. I have been working with children for many years, and absolutely love the chance to work with kids and the community with Part of Your World Princess Parties. I am so grateful to Brittany for having this beautiful vision, dedication to detail and quality, and her imagination.


Hello! My name is Janae and I adore working with Part of Your World Princess Parties. I have been singing and dancing since the age of 4, and like most little girls, was in love with all the beautiful, strong Princesses. I was actually given the nickname 'Princess Jasmine,' and as I've grown up, am stopped regularly by strangers who tell me "you look just like Jasmine!" (It makes my day every time.)

After dancing on my jr. high and high school drill teams, I became a competitive ballroom dancer, and danced as part of the BYU Ballroom Company my last 3 years of college.  My singing experience began while very young as I performed regularly for my community, weddings, and church. I also sang throughout high school in multiple choirs, until college where I toured internationally for 5 years with professional LDS music artist Jenn Phillips, as both a choir member and solo vocalist. 

When I'm not enjoying the precious children I get to meet through Part of Your World, I work as a bridal consultant and event florist, and am also a host on the LDS show/podcast 'The Cultural Hall.' 

In my free time, I enjoy kickboxing, running, swimming, reading, movies, baking, sewing, and am currently a competitive triathlete. After relocating from Denver, CO, I now live in Bluffdale with my sweet husband and our 3 young children.




My name is Tyson and I am a superhero. Or at least I like to think of myself as one. When I am not web slinging across rooftops or cape-crusading my hobbies include flexing, looking good, and being awesome.

In order to keep my secret identity safe my alter ego is much less exciting. He spends his time working in a reproductive medicine clinic. He explained it to me once, something about helping people grow their families. When he isn't boring at work he is boring at school. He reads a lot of nerdy books about biology and chemistry as he studies to be a physician assistant in pediatrics.

Fortunately, he isn't always boring. The secret identity and the superhero persona blend together during favorite activities like rock climbing, camping, hiking, horseback riding, skiing, and snowshoeing. 


Hi everyone, I'm Megan. I am so excited to be a member of the Part of Your World Princess Parties cast. I am a proud wife and mother of twin boys. I love being a mom! I am so lucky to relive and share all of my fun childhood moments with my boys. Some of our favorite things to do are make up silly songs and dances together. I can't wait to share my great sense of humor and imagination with both girls and boys while being a princess.

My kids are 5 years old and keep me busy when I am not working. I am an expert at applying makeup and helping people see the beauty they posses. I think this is so important when working with children to raise their self esteem and help them know they are beautiful and loved. I have done dozens of make-up parties for girls and teens. I love to see the look on their faces when they transform into a princess.

In high school I was involved in the drama program and still have a love for plays and acting.

Growing up, I loved playing princess dress-up with my seven siblings. It was fun to feel like royalty with our crowns and pretty dresses. I can remember the feeling of being the most special person in the world when I was a princess, and will make each child I visit feel the same way. I love kids and love being a part of the princess world.

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