Make Halloween memories with over 15 characters!
Villains, Heroes, Princeses, and more!!

Bring your camera!!

Every person over 24 months old who enters will need a ticket, so please be sure to purchase one for each person- even adults and children under 2 and over. 

A Child Ticket is $20, and Adult Ticket is $5. 

Child Ticket includes: 
-Entry to the Trick or Treat Trail in South Jordan (Location will be given at time of sign-up). 
-A Toy, Trinket, or Candy treat from each character. 
-A Take home Potion Bottle Necklace Craft.

-A Drink  and Snack.
-Photo time with the characters.


Adult Ticket Includes:

-Entry to the Trick or Treat Trail.
-Photo time with characters. 
-A Drink and Snack.


So far we have the following characters:
(Please Note: characters are subject to change. We will probably have more, but guarantee 15 different characters for boys and girls).
I will try to keep this list updated!
-Cinderella's Stepsisters
-Queen of Hearts
-Pirate Jack
-Spider Hero
-Bat Hero
-Snow Queen
-Sleeping Beauty
-Little Mermaid
-Beauty Princess
-Autumn Unicorn Princess
-Alice in Wonderland
-Peter Pan

This is a private and limited event for ticketholders only. This is not a public event. Please do not share the address with non-ticketholders. 

If you are having trouble with a ticket time, you can call me and I can see if it is available for you. Or if you just want to book over the phone. 801-996-8337
You can also shoot me an email with your requested time, and I can send an invoice.

Treat or Treat Meet & Greet


    Part of Your World Princess Parties does not have licensed, copyrighted, or trademarked characters. All of our characters are representations from classic fairy tales, which are in the public domain. We are not affiliated with any company, group, or theme park that may own the rights to similar characters. Any resemblance to any rendition is incidental.


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