Clown School Graduation time is just around the corner! Because Clown School is such a limited field, this year, our clown will sing to ANY graduate! College, High-school, even just getting a year older! 



Surprise them with an interactive song, twisted balloon, card, photos, and their own Clown School Graduation Walk! 
Price does NOT include mileage (If applicable) or gratuity. Mileage can be quoted over the phone and must be paid 48 hours before the telegram.

We will contact you with all of the information we will need to do your telegram. This will include a contact person at the recipient's place of work or home who can be our guide to them. This is REQUIRED for all singing telegrams, so please plan accordingly. If you will be there, this person can be you. 

Your Singing Telegram time may vary slightly if you are out of our normal service area in the Salt Lake Valley. If you are, it is best to call us to book your telegram. 801-996-8337.

*We inderstand people are still in quarantine. We are taking every precaution to ensure the safety of our clients, but your character will approach them (to give balloon and take photos). This may not be desirable or suitable for all guests, so please plan accordingly. 
Also, our telegrams are EMBARRASSING. This may not be the right fit for your graduate. We do not refund if they are mean to us. 

Graduation Singing Telegram

$90.00 Regular Price
$80.00Sale Price
  • -Cancellation: Payment is non-refundable. Please make sure of your date before booking. 

    -A filled out and signed contract is required. We will email this to you. 

    -No Shows: If you recepient is not at the location within 10 minutes of the scheduled time, you telegram will be forefit with no refund. 
    -Photographs: We would love to use your photos and videos! By sending us photos/ videos you are granting us to use any photos of yourself & your family in connection with the event outlined in this document. They may use such photographs/ videos in print and/or electronically and for any lawful purpose. Including publicity, advertising, and web content. 
    -Safety: If the road is unsafe due to weather or traffic conditions, our actors will do the best to get to your party on time. If it is a snowy day, and we have back-to-back parties, there is a high possibility that we may be late. If this occurs, we will alert you & keep you updated throughout the day. If a character is late (which rarely happens), they will stay the full time scheduled. 
    -Smoking: Smoking damages our costumes and wigs. Please refrain while on the premises. 
    -Gratuity: Tips are never required, but are a great way to let your character know they did a great job. Tips are normally given at the end of the performance. They can also be mailed or sent via PayPal to or Venmo @PrincessPartiesUtah.
    -Unsafe Conditions: If our actors/ actresses come across unsafe conditions at your event, they can leave at any time with full payment. Unsafe conditions can include, but are not limited to: Innapropriate words or behavior directed at the character, drug use, excessive alcohol consumption. We are a family based business and all of our telegrams are appropriate for children

Part of Your World Princess Parties does not have licensed, copyrighted, or trademarked characters. All of our characters are representations from classic fairy tales, which are in the public domain. We are not affiliated with any company, group, or theme park that may own the rights to similar characters. Any resemblance to any rendition is incidental.


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